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See results about Angel Henry (Musical artist) Songs: GBEDU, Shake It, Love, Track, Back to God, Dance Albums: Grace

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Breaking News: Angel Henry Celebrates birthday with new photo for Bia Okun on birthday

American - Australian musician also a Nigerian musician, Angel Henry have celebrates  birthday on 19th July. The artist is said to have rocked on the #Rank1 in Nigeria music chart on reverbnation music platform for weeks on classical music. This was not all as Angel Henry went on to make Nigeria proud by winning the 3rd best musician in Chicago, United States and also came third in Regional awards in South Wales. 
Angel Henry have also been on the music chart rankings as #Rank1 in Abuja, Nigeria before going to Lagos to contest for hip hop music awards. Celebrating the birthday of Angel Henry is a happy mood for all and Angel Henry have also said through its media today that it will registering a date as Angel Henry's day on the 27th December and 3rd January annually, to mark the birth of an Angel :Angel Henry"
Angel Henry have also been on the top search as Top Nigerian musician on twitter.
Listen to Angel Henry songs here

gods and goddesses - Angel Henry reveals how God appeared and paid cash to his account (episode 3)

God revealed to Angel Henry how magic started and also used it to send money to Angel Henry's bank account. After God appeared to me physically, I thought that was the end of seeing the one who sent me and who I work for spiritually and support physically to teach about him. I was ordained an Angel in 2014 by Virgin Mary to the whole world, and since them I have not been idle for God God appeared like self after giving me money which was paid into my account after I asked and sent my account number to God. God came severally physically to my house and it was scary and I mean I realized God have always been with me since I came to the world.

When God started coming I thought it was evil, then Jesus and Mary with other Angels showed themselves. I have been seeing God and its magic creatures from little and I also see the great serpent God uses and perhaps the one who deceives people. I am now a proud friend of the devil and I am happy to know the devil is back to God with other Ang…

Breaking News; Angel Henry Makes Suggestion To Eva Alordiah

Angel Henry is musician so as Eva Alordiah and he has only made a
better suggestion he believes kept her singing. Early this year ,
Angel Henry had told the Nigerian female rapper to compose more songs,
and check her musical downfall after she announced quitting music.

Breaking News; Angel Henry With Rita Dominic

Angel Henry told people via his blog that he was blocked by Rita
Dominic on but now He is following her on
another account. Angel Henry comfirms also that he may join her
company when she accepts to add him to her company. Rita Dominic has
couple of new movies i like, and as a musician, I will act if she adds
me to her casting crew.I once opted in for casting role for walking

Angel Henry Luxury - Angel Henry Confirms $2 million worth Hbox designers Ho9jabox' in progress (episode 19)

Angel Henry in luxury episode of the Angel Henry series have sold out the information accompanied with new hand band made from natural threading. The celebrity musical artist told its media end of June that the $2,000,000 million worth deal of the Hbox designers hand band started off as a simple threading but has shown a tip of the iceberg. The hand bands which are yet to be showcased alongside, the designer is a touch of color and a real ornament for the brand. Angel Henry also added that the clothing design for Hbox did not go on well as the proposed tailor failed to keep up with the agreement. This never stopped any Angel Henry plan and it is also disclosed that in the nearest time, the designer may partner with an outstanding brand like Rihanna Fenty/Puma or the Wizkid/Nike. The brand told its media outlet that it will tell the Adidas group although it has not let anyone know when but in relation to when it will hold, Angel Henry said that a lot of outfit need to be available for …

Breaking News; Angel Henry Goes To Church Says He Got Eyed After Church

Angel Henry have expressed more joy after attending the Sunday mass.
He told this exciting story of today to his blog saying that he was
excited all through even before the Holy Mass until the closure. As
she came out of the church he was staring waiting for his departure
home, then a female who also attended the mass looked at him which he
didnt catch as he raised his head up but was told by his mother who
was standing close to him also and Angel Henry had also heard his mum
asking the female, why she eyed him. Angel Henry only saw her face at
distance while she was walking towards them, but didnt see her as she
was close and walk passed him because he was looking at his mum as she gave him the car keys to open the door to the car. Angel Henry didnt
ask his mum what the female reply was.

Celebrity Lifestyle - Angel Henry complains about Sofia Abramovich not returning Facebook message (Episode 37)

Angel Henry Reveals that Sofia Abramovich have been on a dark mode on Facebook for close to a Year and telling of a possible relationship is not looking possible. Angel Henry have been sending Facebook messages to Sofia Abramovich for a while and she have only read few but no reply is sen, Angel Henry said the read confirmation on Facebook is able to tell when someone reads a message but Angel Henry is only able to tell if Sofia opened the message but do not confirm if the message was read. The love message which also had marriage proposal in it have no topic between them yet.

Sofia Abramovich have been able to talk to Angel Henry through telepathy that the relationship is not the problem but she is not ready for a marriage talk at the moment and Angel Henry should just be a friend and promote Angel Henry social network pages and accounts. Angel Henry who wants to marry the Russia - Isreali business man daughter  who is also a celebrity called Abramovich's daughter said finally to…

Lil Wayne - John (Explicit) ft. Rick Ross As Angel Henry Ask Wayne And Rick Ross To Take Medical Drugs (Episode 35)

Angel Henry is a Fan of Music and likes the song John. The song habe been on my playlist for long even after i stopped and strat listening to Digital Music, Angel Henry explains saying he stopped listening to downloaded songs and prefers song played on the internet. However he like the digital CD even more. I have listened to Rick Ross and Lil Wayne and i like their songs this have made me stick close as a fan and also a music lover to rap songs. I initiated the idea of taking medical drugs for worm removal to the two American Rappers. The rappers may have had seizures  due to worm infestation which is the major cause of less human growth and seizures. It is recomended by the (World Health Organization - WHO) That everyone should use worm removal drugs as it is useful. The message Angel Henry sent to the two rappers were on the internet via and email stating this to VMO, he did it without sentiments. "Am not a star, somebody lied

I got a ------- i…

Breaking news: Angel Henry attends a gross wedding event

Angel Henry Is happy after a wedding event he attended, which he ate two plates of food, and drank to his comfort on the available drinks. The event was exciting, as his parents were the sponsors to the couple. The place has an open space for him to dance and express his happiness. He witnessed the couple dance also and listened to funny jokes from the Master of the occasion. There were also some visitors from the Kuwait Embassy who visited the place and it was an awesome gathering. He was able to watch how Kuwaiti eat and dance at ceremony. Exciting!

Breaking News: Angel Henry To Be With The Stars Soon

Angel Henry is to be with the stars soon. Saying with the real stars you see on the cloud in a physical form, that is what Angel Henry will become soon. Angel Henry have been with the stars before, and the moons were there but at Jupiter. Where Angel Henry met with the nine moons and even played with them before coming back to earth. The stars in the sky are so bright and you will only but notice sometimes that it position changes. If the stars are as far as millions of days away, how soon will Angel HENRY REACH THE SKY AND REMAIN THERE? The question is not any puzzle anymore as Angel HENRY SAYS THE CREATOR WILL PERFORM ITS MAGIC. The creator has offered Angel Henry Chicken soup from the other world before and Angel Henry knows that before a food reaches this world or apart from the original world it was produced,it gets rotten immediately. Now a big question is will Angel Henry get rotten before reaching the stars.

Breaking News: Angel Henry Admires The Nigeria Military

Angel Henry finally admires the Nigeria Military, from its uniform to its activities, It has been a real art AND play look for Angel Henry saying the Military Uniform and ways of operation has captured his eyes for a long time. Their uniform is one of the most beautiful attire ever seen by Angel Henry. Despite being an Angel, He knows the Military is a strong and tactical team who work even spiritually. Angel Henry confessed that the Military have been seen even in the trance and spirit world combating Terrorism and  are with the Holy Spirit.

Breaking News; Angel Henry In List Of Top Artists in Abuja Nigeria,Abuja Artist Connect

Its no longer a new alerting update, as Angel Henry Junior Ogar joins
list musicians to look out for in Abuja,Nigeria. He made this list in
the music website/social network after winning the #Rank 1 Musician in
Abuja artiste list. I have been on the Vconnect website before, but
not with my name in music, as the site did not make me the number one
musician in Abuja, because it has connect but my songs did. I have a
10 track album, and it gave me the #Rank 1 musician in my city in the
classical genre.

Breaking News: Angel Henry Likes Meghan Markle Also Admires Kevin Spacey And Gal Gadot

Angel Henry Confesses to Like Meghan Markle Also Admires
Kevin Spacey And Gal Gadot. He says the three actors are nice and the
current trend of Meghan Markle with Prince Harry of United Kingdom
wedding have given him more reason to like the the Duchess of
Sussex,saying her title might bring him success in music. Their
popularity made me discovered an Estonia musician with a name like my
style of music in medieval 'Maria Minerva'. American actress Meghan
Markle is also related to royal Nigeria women,England royalty,
Hollywood, and she is among the top 2017 world actress with Kevin
Spacey and Gal Gadot.

The Truth About Angel Henry Tracks & Releases On Beatport

I am a singer, aftert my debut album, i became an American-Austrialian
musician, working as and Indie artist. I got contact offices, after
signing up as a Blue Pie Record Musiciain in Canada. Few weeks after
my three year music deal with Blue Pie Records, I was told my record
label agent/mate Jon Obiukwu Chinedu, also called Nedjon or Nedjon
Media that I was on my own and the label will only handle my media
works. I was not paid, and also I was not even sure if i will be
promoted. After a while i begin seeing my songs distributed on digital
stores. Blue Pie Records music deal is my first record label contract
and i am happy about it with hope to do more great music and ink more
record label deal.

Breaking News: Angel Henry Conspiracy Of Ibrahim Babangida Beign God And Muhammadu Buhari As Spirit

Angel Henry has not only encountered Angels, devil and God but also Ibrahim Badamasi Babangida popularly known as IBB. In the year between 2010-2017, Angel Henry encountered IBB when he recalled a face appearing in form of a person telling him to keep smiling. This was not very clear as to whom it was, because Angel Henry had also encountered the devil telling him it will come to visit. Angel Henry hoever, concluded it was IBB because he is goo at recallin faces and in 2014, this happened again when IBB was telling Angel Henry he was God. This now prompted Angel Henry to assume it may have been IBB'S Influence in Nigeria talking to him and perhaps not the IBB in person. The theory have been for long as IBB being a past Military leader of the country and he may have done some great things which led to his happiness and which may have been an influence to children growing however. Angel Henry only later accepted IBB being God which is a normal pheno,enom as to giving credit to the c…

Breaking News: Angel Henry Sends A Message To Rome

Angel Henry finally resend the message of what is happening to Rome. Saying the Creator now visits me with ease and I see it coming, before it lets its messages out for me to receive with all strength and gives me the strength to carry them.It message reads that finally only I the creator know it all and is powerful than all. The message of Angel Henry to Rome has a message saying he should be paid by the church of Christ as this will convert more souls. Angel Henry sees the creator without doubting, knowing only the creator will have such powers as it arrives. Perhaps so many have signaled that the devil is God, but God as a name is even different from the creator one worship. Its like calling Angel Henry a God also but not knowing it original name. Angel Henry however says GOD as the name people worship still performs the necessary miracles and its a starting point.
There are so many images of the creator but am glad to be one of those who see the creator in reality after encounte…

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